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Firensics is an independent forensic investigation provider with 12 years of experience in fire and explosion investigation. We provide expert origin and cause investigations to insurers, law firms, corporations and individuals.

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A longstanding misconception is that fires and explosions destroy everything. However, this is rarely the case, and from a forensic perspective, a fire will generally create its own evidence by burning itself into a scene. A reputable forensic fire investigator will identify and understand these fire patterns, use them to determine where the fire originated, and then establish how and why the fire occurred.


A thermal incident can result in a total property or dollar loss, which can significantly impact individuals, families and businesses. We are dedicated to uncovering the origin and cause of a fire to assist with providing closure to those impacted. 


About Firensics

Firensics puts the science into modern fire and explosion investigation. We are your qualified forensic fire investigation scientists, with a thorough understanding of fire science, fire investigation, fire behaviour, building and construction, mechanical and automotive, and insurance.


Case Study

Sydney Building, Canberra ACT

In 2014, a fire devastated the heritage-listed Sydney Building in the centre of Civic, Canberra ACT. Through a thorough forensic examination, Mark Pellegrino established that

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Case Study

Bonded Warehouse, Alexandria NSW

Mark Pellegrino’s forensic examination of a bonded warehouse and subsequent expert evidence was crucial in this matter. With a selected demolition team, he coordinated the

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Case Study

Mistaken Identity

After having found the remains of a petrol container within a fire scene (office), there was seemingly no motive established for this incendiary fire. The

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