About Firensics

Firensics is an independent forensic investigation provider with 12 years of experience in fire and explosion investigation. We provide expert origin and cause investigations to insurers, law firms, corporations and individuals.

About the Founder

Mark Pellegrino is a Certified Fire Investigator with an additional motor vehicle examination endorsement through the International Association of Arson Investigators – IAAI-CFI (V) and an Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Senior Associate (CIP).

Mr Pellegrino holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc) in Forensic Investigation, a Diploma of General Insurance, Certificate IV in Building and Construction, and a Basic Fire Debris Analysis Certificate. He has specialised in forensic fire and explosion investigation since 2010 and has examined well over 1100 thermal incidents involving structures, motor vehicles, machinery, and watercraft. He incorporates his commercial and residential building experience, car enthusiast background, and forensic science, insurance, and construction qualifications into his fire examinations.

“I think the favourite part of my job is establishing what caused a fire, then being able to give people closure on how and why the fire occurred.”

Mark Pellegrino

What you can expect from Firensics

Behind the Brand

Firensics, as the name suggests, combines Fire and Forensics.

The triangular Firensics logo is based on three important triangles used in fire and explosion investigation: The Fire or Combustion Triangle (also known as the Fire Tetrahedron), the Quality Triangle in Forensics, and the Arson Triangle.

The “I” with the orange dot represents a candle, moreover the “Candle Experiments”, which provides a fundamental understanding of fire.

Firensics puts the science into modern fire and explosion investigation. We are your qualified forensic fire investigation scientists, with a thorough understanding of fire science, fire investigation, fire behaviour, building and construction, mechanical and automotive, and insurance (nondisclosure, recovery and liability).

Scientific knowledge and principles that underpin fire science form the bases of any fire investigation. We only offer objective, scientific forensic investigations and outcomes.

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